Jul 172017

Thousands of fish were found dead from alleged poisoning in Rawal Dam. This resulted in the suspension of the supply of water from Rawal Dam to Rawalpindi. The city heavily relies on water from Rawal Dam. Therefore, residents faced a lot of problems when the supply of water was temporarily suspended.

This incident shouldn’t be ignored and proper investigation should be carried out to find out the reason behind the death of a large number of fish. Also, if it is true that the land mafia is involved in making the water contaminated, the authorities must take strict action against the wrongdoers. It is hoped that the concerned authorities will take necessary steps to resolve the issue. Also, the authorities must look into installing tube wells in the area so that the heavy dependence of Rawalpindi on the water from Rawal Dam can be significantly reduced.

M Akram Niazi (Rawalpindi)

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