Apr 162013

Ujala Program Punjab Government

During the time of Ministery Shahbaz Shrif made a decision to provide 2 Lakhs free of charge Solar lamps below his Chief Minister scheme “Ujaala Program”. These solar lamps will provide to brilliant students in support of real merit foundation stated by Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

Energy problems are growing every day. Pakistan dealing with large issue regarding electrical power, demand is a lot more however supply is less. Folks are now looking for new change pertaining to satisfy their necessity. Currently UPS, Generators are frequent. However these alternatives are costly. Currently nowadays most talking about electricity change is solar technique. Punjab Government is focusing on solar technique and in colleges numerous students focusing on solar tasks. Currency within Pakistan, Govt made a decision to create the consciousness about solar technique among the folks. Many lamps are delivered purely on merit basis to the students.

Lumps are successfully delivered to one of many Matric and Intermediate scholar. Students who obtained markings more than 60 % were entitled for the lumps. Lamps will even divided one of the religious School Scholars.

Lamps will have subsequent specification.

  • Battery charger
  • Solar PV 30Wp
  • LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) Charge Controller 10 A
  • Gel type Battery 12 V, 30 Ah
  • LEDs 3×5 W with 100 lumens
  • LED Holders
  • Load Limitter
  • System Autonomy 3 days
  • Charging facility of Mobile Phone
  • Solar PV 30Wp
  • Protection Reverse Polarity provision

CM Punjab started a plan together with title “CM PUNJAB UJAALA PROGRAM”. Under this Plan 3 program has been incorporated, The first is Solar lamps, Pension plan Program for retired individuals and Police for ring route. A new police team has been inaugurated through Shahbaz Sharif with regard to safety program of individuals.

Punjab Government had taken another move for retired folks. A pope who confronted the issue while getting a pension, currently they will obtain pension very easily. Govt expose a new way of paying pension plan to seniors. Now retire folks got their cash immediately in their banking accounts. Currently you don’t need to remain within Que. However this process is applied from 1st January 2013 and people are happy with this scheme of former Chief Minister of Punjab.

These three programs under this program were successfully completed. Especially students delivered lumps purely on merit basis.

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