Aug 072017

Although the Punjab Food Authority (PFA)’s crackdown on the manufacturers of substandard and unhygienic food is commendable, such activities seem futile when the proprietor is allowed to reopen his shop after paying a small fine. Once he resumes business, the proprietor reverts back to the previous methods and begins manufacturing substandard food. This is largely because the fine involves a paltry sum that fails to deter wrongdoers.

On that basis, there are a few suggestions that the PFA should consider to ensure that such shop owners don’t repeat the same mistake. First, the fine should be at least three times as much as the owner’s monthly profit. Second, the site should be sealed for at least two weeks. Third, separate teams should be appointed to carry out a continuous follow-up of food places. Fourth, the PFA should ensure that the kitchens at eateries are in hygienic condition. Once this is ensured, the authorities can move on to investigate the condition of suppliers’ shops.

Muhammad Adil Sargana (Lahore)

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