Dec 092017

These days one of the most discussed topics in Pakistan is democracy. Every day we come through various debates and discussions on democracy and its different aspects, which indeed is the contributory thing for the endurance and sustainability of democracy. Among others, ‘cultural democracy’ is one domain which demands more attention. On that basis, all the scholars, commentators and democratic advocates ought to have cultural democracy as a focal point of their discussions.

The common man considers democracy only a procedure that is exercised for the transition of government, after every four years, in the form of elections. He should be enlightened that the democracy contains much more than mere electoral procedure. He must be informed that democracy rather demands active participation, justice, equality, and individual and national development. We need to embed all these prerequisites of cultural democracy in the minds of the people and this will become possible only when we promote democracy more a culture than a process.

Abdul Basit Anwar ( Mansehra )

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