Jul 162017

The monsoon season in the country has just started. However, the country doesn’t have a proper plan to deal with this emergency situation. Because of an insufficient number of dams, each year, during the monsoon season, the country wastes a large amount of water. Experts have been asking the government to be well prepared to deal with the situation, but to no avail. It will be prudent if the government comes up with a long-term solution. Pakistan is already a water-stressed country. The shortage of water in Thar and Cholistan has now become a serious problem. This has also led to the deaths of hundreds of children. In addition, it has also taken a toll on the livestock.

The drought-stricken regions are suffering only because of the negligence of both the federal and provincial governments. Both the governments should come forward to provide relief to the people. Dams should be constructed across the country so that the rainwater can be stored. NGOs in Sindh and Punjab should also come forward to help the government store the rainwater. The sufficient supply of water will also supplement the country’s agricultural growth.

Engr Riaz Akbar (Wah Cantt)

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