Jul 072017

KARACHI: Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is spending over $50,000 on an activity which proved futile in the past as well.

At a press conference held in Islamabad on Friday, the PSF announced that it would be organising first-of-its-kind mega squash series in Islamabad next week.

Pakistan Vs World-V Series will be held from July 12-13 and Pakistan Vs Egypt Series from July 15-16.

“PSF, as a goodwill gesture, has attracted potential international and top Egyptian players,” stated the PSF officials. 

Karim Abdel Gawad, who was world number one last month, is also featuring in Pakistan Vs Egypt Series. Besides Egyptian players, players from England, France, Hong Kong and the USA would also be seen in action next week in Pakistan Vs World-V Series.

Sources informed ‘The News’ that the PSF is paying $3500 to $4000 to each international player of Pakistan vs World-V Series.

“And each Egyptian player is getting $5,500 for Egypt vs Pakistan series, while world champion Karim is to be paid between $9000 to $10,000,” the source added.

The source criticised the PSF’s adventure saying the federation spent close to $50,000 on a similar series with Egypt last year.

“They got nothing from that series and it proved futile in the PSF’s bid to revive international squash in Pakistan. The said series also proved useless for local players,” said an official of a provincial squash association.

He said the current adventure will give nothing to the PSF and local players in return and this is simply a waste of thousands of dollars at a time when the game of squash needs development in the country.

“Besides exhibition matches, they will also play friendly matches with our junior players. While in the absence of international squash in the country, the PSF intends to send a message across that we have every potential to conduct mega squash activities and host top world players in an efficient manner,” stated the PSF officials.

The PSF officials further stated that the federation would attain multiple gains from this squash activity as this would not only project soft and safe image of Pakistan to lure international bodies in reinstating Pakistan’s due share of international tournaments but will also provide optimum exposure to our junior players.

The first day of Pakistan vs World-V Series will feature matches between Leo Au and Farhan Zaman and Todd Harrity and Israr Ahmad.

On the second day, Lucas Serme will play against Ahsan Ayaz, Nathan Lake will face Amaad Fareed, and Karim Al-Fathi will lock horns with Farhan Mehboob.

On the first day of Pakistan Vs Egypt Series, Zahed Mohamed will play against Waqar Mehboob, Omar Mosaad will face Ahsan Ayaz, and Mazen Hesham will be up against Farhan Zaman.

On the second day, there are matches between Mohamed Aboulghar and Israr Ahmad and Karim Abdel Gawad and Farhan Mehboob.

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