Mar 202017

The unabated child abuse cases are shocking. What deters us from curbing this social problem is the lack of awareness. Out of the fear of what society will think of a victim, cases of abuse are brushed under the carpet. It is indeed a sad truth of our society that fingers are always pointed at the victim. The victim is ferociously criticised for not ‘defending’ himself properly. This is why such cases are never brought into the limelight. More difficulties come on the way of the victim.

The media has taken a good initiative to raise awareness among the people. It is good to know that the ‘taboo subject’ can now be discussed. Documentaries centred on the topic have played a vital role in raising awareness among the people. Silence and suppression can never defeat the growing problem of child abuse. Centres should be established that help victims boost their confidence and live a normal and peaceful life.      

Areeba Abdul Qadir


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