Jun 092017

This is to bring the attention of KE to the serious problem of intermittent loadshedding. The lives of residents of Karachi have become painful and miserable because of the shortage of electricity. The power crisis took a worst turn on the first day of Ramazan. The electricity breakdown that lasted for several hours created a lot of trouble for the people who were observing fast. The first Sehri of the month was observed in darkness.

Despite the assurances of the authorities that there will be no power disruption during Sehri and Iftar, residents of the city are having both meals in darkness, without power, without any ease. Sometimes, in some areas, power goes out for straight 10 hours. The whole area remains drowned in darkness. This has caused unrest among people. Many have gone out to protest but to no avail. The government gives false hopes to the people and vows to resolve the energy crisis, but the problem is still here and is becoming even more serious. The government must take initiatives to improve the production of electricity so that the common man can get some relief.

Sadaf Shah Afridi


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