Dec 112017

KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made it clear that it will not sign the revised structure of cricket competitions unless there is a valid agreement from India in bilateral cricket series with Pakistan.

In a statement issued on Monday, the PCB reiterated its position on bilateral series with India.

“Our position is that the PCB’s agreement to the revised structures for international cricket is subject to the condition that the PCB has a valid agreement to play bilateral matches with India and that India vs Pakistan matches would be included in the Future Tour Programs (FTP),” said the PCB.

“This continues to be our position,” the statement added.

It also added that if the dispute panel favours, then FTP should be adjusted to reflect the decision of ICC dispute resolution panel.

“PCB has also informed the ICC that it has initiated a dispute resolution process against the BCCI under the ICC Dispute Resolution Committee Terms of Reference. Further to that the PCB’s claim is based on an existing agreement with the BCCI which contemplates that India will tour Pakistan in December 2019, August 2020 and Nov – Dec 2022 and Pakistan will tour India in Nov – Dec 2021,” it said.

The statement adds that under the prevailing circumstances, the PCB’s position is that if the Dispute Resolution Committee decides the dispute in PCB’s favour, then any FTP will need to be adjusted to reflect the decision.

“Any agreement of the PCB to any new FTP structure will therefore be without prejudice to its existing claims against BCCI and will be subject to the outcome of the ICC dispute resolution process,” the statement added towards conclusion.

Meanwhile, reliable sources have confirmed to that the BCCI has not penned Pakistan vs India series in its proposed FTP that was approved in the board’s special general meeting (SGM) on Monday.

The PCB has claimed a compensation of $70 million from the BCCI for not honouring the MoU signed in 2014, which said that both the countries would play six series between 2014 and 2023.

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