Jul 102017

Global warming can lead to a rise in sea level, intense heat waves, drought and diminished rainfall across the country. Despite producing comparatively less greenhouse gases, Pakistan is facing some of the worst effects of climate change. The global warming induced by rising global temperatures can badly affect the country’s food production system. According to the Ministry of Climate Change, wheat crop yield will be reduced by 3.4 to 12.5 percent in semi-arid irrigated areas and 3.8 to 14.5 percent in arid areas. Growing temperatures pose a serious risk to the country’s efforts for achieving sustainable food security and meet food consumption needs of the ever-increasing population.

Also, like the most developing countries, Pakistan is staring at the radar of food insecurity, with its food production out of sync with population growth. The food availability scenario is further aggravated by shifting weather patterns with recurring severe droughts and floods that affect the country’s overall crop production. In view of the above, there is a strong need for the concerned authorities to accord a serious and well-thought consideration to the matter so that the crop production is not badly affected by climate change.

Khan Faraz


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