Mar 302017

PORT OF SPAIN: Pakistan batsman Ahmad Shehzad collided with West Indian batsman Chadwick Walton and had apparently suffered a neck injury. However, the opener returned to the field after being cleared by the doctors.

Team Physiotherapist said: “Ahmed returned from hospital after imaging found nothing wrong with his spine.”

He said that he was found normal on symptoms, neck examination, cognitive ability, and balance assessments before returning to play.

He further said that they will continue to monitor the batsman further.

Shehzad was stretchered off the field after the nasty collision. The incident happened when Shehzad, who was trying to run out the batsman, rammed into the batsman.

Both men were down after the collision but batsman Walton got up but Shehzad was taken off the field.

An ambulance also arrived at the scene.

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