Jul 102017

ISLAMABAD: The Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) report submitted to Supreme Court (SC) has concluded that the record submitted by the Sharif family regarding Gulf Steel Mills in their defence was ‘unauthentic, lacks substance and seemed fabricated.’

In the 40-page dedicated chapter ‘Gulf Steel Mills’ shares comprehensive details, annexure, statements of all the members of the Sharif family including Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif, PM’s cousin Tariq Shafi, PM’s children— Hassan, Hussain Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz.

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“Overall inconsistencies in the statements of the Sharif family with reference to Gulf Steel Mills and the documents obtained from foreign jurisdiction by the JIT through mutual legal assistance conclusively prove that the story of respondents about the mills is unauthentic, lacks substance and seems fabricated,” the last paragraph of the chapter concludes.

Similarly, it adds that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his address to the nation stated that in 1980 this factory [Gulf Steel Mills] was sold for $9 million. “This is not consistent with either the documents or records provided by the respondents themselves or the findings of the JIT,” it states.

The section heavily criticises PM’s cousin Tariq Shafi for submitting ‘factually incorrect, speculative, tampered and misleading affidavits which he produced before SC’.

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It also maintains that the UAE government has also testified, through written information to JIT, that share sale agreement of 1980 produced by all the respondents under an affidavit in SC does not exist, “hence the document provided is unauthentic fictitious, fictitious and fabricated while the notarisation of the said document has also been proved to be fictitious and illegal.”

It also maintains that the available and produced documents, record, circumstantial evidence and discrepancies, inconsistencies of Shafi and respondents also establish that the sale proceeds of Gulf Steel Mills never reached Jeddah, Qatar or UK.

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