Mar 172017

LAHORE: Batsman Shahzaib Hasan has been formally charged and provisionally suspended by the Pakistan Cricket Board in relation to the Pakistan Super League spot-fixing scandal.

The Karachi Kings’ batsman was handed a Notice of Charge for violating the PCB’s anti-corruption code, when he was summoned before the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) for the third time on Friday.

Shahzaib has been charged with violations of Code Articles 2.1.4, 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 and has been suspended from participating in all forms of cricket with immediate effect.

He now has 14 days to respond to the Notice of Charge.

Article 2.1.4 of the PCB’s anti-corruption code states: “Directly or indirectly soliciting, inducing, enticing, instructing, persuading, encouraging or intentionally facilitating any Participant to breach any of the foregoing provisions of this Article 2.1.”                      

Article 2.4.4 reads: “Failing to disclose to the PCB Vigilance and Security Department (without unnecessary delay) full details of any approaches or invitations received by the Participant to engage in Corrupt Conduct under this Anti-Corruption Code.”                       

Article 2.4.5 states: “Failing or refusing to disclose to the PCB Vigilance and Security Department (without unnecessary delay) full details of any incident, fact, or matter that comes to the attention of a Participant that may evidence Corrupt Conduct under this Anti-Corruption Code by another Participant, including (without limitation) approaches or invitations that have been received by another Participant to engage in conduct that would amount to a breach of this Anti-Corruption Code.”

Sharjeel, Khalid Latif and Shahzaib can face punishment up to five years, according to the PCB. Mohammad Irfan can face a ban of up to six months.

The Federal Investigation Agency has decided to write a letter to the Pakistan Cricket Board, in order to get access to the phones of the players allegedly involved in the corruption scandal, according to the Interior Ministry officials.

The FIA will observe the applications present in the mobile phones of Mohammad Irfan, Sharjeel, Khalid and Shahzaib Hasan.

Shahzaib and fast bowler Mohammad Irfan were both summoned by the ACU earlier this week, as the board furthered its investigation into alleged attempts by an international fixing syndicate to corrupt the PSL second edition.

Irfan was formally charged and provisionally suspended by the PCB from all forms of cricket for violating its anti-corruption code, after the pacer admitted he had been contacted by bookies during the tournament but had failed to report the approach to the board.

On Thursday, the Federal Investigation Agency sent notices to cricketers Sharjeel Khan, Nasir Jamshed, Khalid Latif and Muhammad Irfan for their alleged role in spot fixing during PSL 2017.

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