Jul 102017

In 2014, the ban on pillion ridding was imposed in Khuzdar when the second biggest city of Balochistan was facing security challenges, including target killings and kidnapping for ransom, etc. It was a good step to stabilise the security situation of the city as the security concerns had caused many problems for residents. Many business tycoons shifted their business to other cities because of deteriorating law and order situation. The deteriorating security situation also led to the closure of number of education institutions. Many experienced and high qualified teachers were reluctant to stay in the city. It is true that the ban on pillion riding improved the worst security situation of the city. It also helped law-enforcement agencies restore peace as well as improve the law and order situation in the city.

These bold steps and effective security policies have brought back peace to the city, leading Khuzdar to the path of progress – economically and socially. Those people who had shifted to other cities have returned to their city and successfully resumed their business and other activities. Now the security situation is completely in control. Therefore, residents now demand  that the ban on pillion ridding may be lifted in the greater interest of the people. Pillion riding was an effective and the most preferred mode of transportation. Since the security situation is now under control, the Balochistan government must consider lifting the ban.

Ubaid Zehri


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