Sep 302018

The Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday reprimanded Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) MNA Malik Karamat Khokhar and MPA Nadeem Abbas after they allegedly influenced the police, sheltered criminal elements, and issued false statements in court.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar was hearing a case at the Lahore registry pertaining to the illegal occupation of nine plots in Johar Town area of Lahore. According to the overseas petitioner, Mahmood Ashraf, a land grabber Mansha Bam had allegedly grabbed his property while police were reluctant to take action against the grabbers.

During the hearing, Superintendent Police (SP) Mohammad Maaz told the top judge that PTI MNA Khokhar had influenced the police over the issue. The CJP summoned the MNA immediately.

“Since when has the PTI has started behaving like thugs?” asked the CJP. “Did people vote for you for this? Are you going to make a new Pakistan while helping thugs?”

“Karamat Khokhar, you will not go back as an MNA if found guilty in today’s inquiry,” the CJP said. “I will not let any thug live in the country.”

Khokhar denied knowing Mansha Bam. He said he had not called the SP but the deputy inspector general (DIG). At this point, the CJP summoned the DIG, adjourning the hearing briefly.

PTI’s Nadeem Abbas alleged that a police officer had framed him in baseless cases, adding that he would resign if found guilty. To this, the CJP said he should go ahead and resign first, “but you won’t have the courage to do so”.

Subsequently, Khokhar was issued a notice for lying in court, while he and Abbas both were summoned to the SC in Islamabad on Monday.

“Why don’t we initiate contempt proceedings against you for your wrong testimony?” the CJP asked Khokhar. “You said in court you don’t know who Mansha Bam is. Then why did you phone the DIG for the release of Bam’s son?” the top judge asked the PTI leader.

“I beg the court’s pardon,” Khokhar said, to which the CJP responded: “Someone who lies cannot be sadiq and ameen. Your character is on display. If you lie to the people, how will you answer to them?” Justice Nisar asked.

“You should fear God. The people voted for you,” the CJP told Khokhar.

Abbas begged the CJP’s forgiveness while at the rostrum. Justice Nisar asked him to also travel to Islamabad tomorrow. “We will see if you should be forgiven or not,” he said.

“Bring your resignation letter with you, or I will write it for you,” he added.

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