Oct 212017

Corruption is rampant in Pakistan. Almost every department of the country is facing this serious problem. Corruption halts a country’s growth. It divides nation. We have a few examples of some countries that took remedial measures to tackle corruption. China, for example, dealt with the problem by adopting a zero tolerance attitude. And in no time, China became the Asian tiger and one of the strongest economies of the world. It is true that no one should be punished without being given the opportunity of being heard, however once proven guilty, these people should be severely punished. In Pakistan, many wrongdoers find a shelter in under ‘plea bargain.’

Unless strict actions are not taken, corruption will keep hurting the country’s progress and economy. This act needs to be discouraged at all levels.When wrongdoers will be subjected to heavy penalties and punishments, no one will have the audacity to take part in any unlawful activity. The sinking economy, depleting forex reserves, trade deficit and foreign debts can only be made to run on a smooth path by dealing with the corruption with an iron hand. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.

Muhammad Aized ( Gujranwala )

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