Jun 062017

World Environment Day was celebrated on Monday (Jun 5) across the world. Celebrations were also held in Islamabad where government high-ups along with experts of the field participated. Although a majority of the participants presented their views on environmental issues, like other meetings, this one was also a routine discussion session and there was no will on the part of each participant to practically do some work to protect the environment. For example, each household across the country possesses a generator without knowing that the excess use of electric generator is dangerous for the environment. These households should consider replacing electric generators with solar panels. These panels are not only environment-friendly, but they are also economically viable.

Other factors that contribute to environmental pollution include unattended garbage and a lack of proper drainage system. In our country, piles of garbage are scattered across streets. Open sewers and stagnant water have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This shows that the government is doing nothing to conserve the environment. The environmental issues will not be resolved until we take practical steps to address them.

Rehmat Ali Jaffardost


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