Jul 032017

Steel studs are fixed laterally on almost all roads in urban areas in order to force motorists to reduce speed. These are seen near schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, etc. Some look apparently harmless due to lesser height but others are dangerously higher than the road pavement. Motorists tend to go over them at normal speed. This, however, has a very damaging effect on tires. As a consequence of repeated hammerings, car tires – especially front tires – become progressively weak and can burst, especially during the hot summer.

If the tire burst in urban areas, where, generally, speed is not excessive, damage to the vehicle and human lives may be minimal; but if the same incident occurs on motorways and highways, precious human lives are likely to be lost. It is suggested that these hazardous steel studs be removed immediately and replaced with properly designed speed humps, as per UK Urban Road Design   standards.

Engr Karamat Ullah Chaudry


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