Mar 232017

The country’s education sector is in a very bad shape. Recently, a photo displaying the shoddy condition of a school in Cholistan, Bahawalpur was published in the newspaper. It was heartrending to see a group of children studying under the open sky. This is just one school that has been brought into the light. The exact number of such institutions – excluding ghost schools – is still unknown. It’s a matter of shame to see such a state of affairs in the education sector of the 12th largest city of Pakistan that has a number of reputable education institutions including the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Sadiq Girls Women University, Sadiq Public School, etc. I now believe that there may be so many other schools sans roof. The ongoing census is a good opportunity that can be used to figure out the exact number of such institutions across the country.

The question is: If the authorities can’t build roof for a school, it would definitely be a Herculean task for such authorities to provide other basic requirements like clean drinking water, toilet, black board, boundary wall, etc. Several years ago, I had witnessed the similar scenario at the Main Islamabad Highway. I saw children sitting on the roadside amidst heavy traffic, without any shade and nothing to sit on. Upon inquiry, I was told that these children were appearing in an exam. I’m sure that the same condition must be in other provinces too. It’s time that adequate attention to such schools should be given by all the provincial governments which should also ensure the efficient management of the same.

Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan


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