Jun 012017

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police recently arrested a retired Karachi cop for impersonating an Islamabad senior superintendent of police (SSP) and attempting to get free room and board at the Federal Lodges, officials told The Express Tribune.

The suspect, identified as Tahir Khaili, 72, had successfully used the same ploy to get himself lodging in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa House.

On May 25, he had called the PM Office and after introducing himself as an Islamabad SSP before asking to be allotted a room at the Federal Lodges.

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However, officials at the PM Office became suspicious due to the breach of protocol and complained to the Islamabad Police inspector general.

An application submitted by a deputy secretary at the PM Office requested that the police investigate the issue and register an impersonation case against the suspect or take disciplinary action against him if he was, in fact, an officer in the capital police.

Subsequently, when the police investigated, they found that the man was a retired Karachi cop from Sindh Police and had arrived in the capital city a few days ago.

Secretariat police believe that the suspect managed to get accommodation at K-P House using the same ploy.

The suspect was detained on May 28 and subsequently sent to Adiala Jail on judicial remand.

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