Jun 162017

While analysing the problem of electricity shortage, many experts suggest some ‘time consuming’ and ‘expensive’ solutions, like improving the transmission capacity by 10 percent, the improvement of distribution infrastructure within the cities etc.. No doubt these measures may bring relief to consumers but would still leave them to endure the curse of loadshedding for quite a long time.

One of the previous governments forwarded financial lending which enabled the people to get cars, motorcycles and other utility items on easy leasing terms. It is suggested that the government must introduce a similar policy and issue solar panels on lease at affordable terms. This will give an immense boom to the industry, create huge job employment opportunities, circulate wealth and reduce the curse of loadshedding. The national grid may enter into buy-back-surplus-electricity agreements with the people. The electricity so saved through the use of solar panels could be diverted towards running the industry.

Major (r) Talaat Khurshid


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