Dec 162017

These days, our youth tend to indulge in all forms of activities without realising the risks involved. An example of this is shisha, which is now considered to be fashionable – especially among teens. Many young people are under the illusion that smoking shisha is a harmless pursuit. However, they must realise that it is as harmful as cigarettes. Although young people may not admit it, many of them are addicted to shisha.

Another growing menace among the youth is driving before they reach the legal age and obtain a driver’s licence. Countless fatal accidents have taken place because young drivers have lost control of the car because they don’t have the skills to control their vehicles in heavy traffic. Riding motorcycles without wearing a helmet is also puts everyone on the road at risk. Racing cars or bikes at reckless speeds by thrill-seeking youth can also result in death or injury. It is vital that everybody abides by the law as they have been made to protect us.

Rafique Rustamani


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