May 282017

Reckless driving has become a norm of our country. Drivers do not follow traffic rules, resulting in road accidents. The main reason for this reckless driving is that a majority of drivers use unfair means to get a driving licence. They have no knowledge of traffic rules and take pride in driving in a wrong direction. This carelessness doesn’t only result in horrific accidents, but it is also one of the main reasons for frequent traffic jams. At times, cars remain stuck for hours because of the carelessness of one driver.

Also, the concerned authorities in our country are also quite relaxed in this regard. It has also been observed that several minor children are out on roads without any fear. They take pleasure in riding motorcycles or driving cars at fast speed. It is high time the concerned authorities took serious steps. Licence should only be issued once a driver has passed a driving test. Anyone found of using unfair means to obtain a licence should be fined.

Urooj Khan


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