May 022017

The education sector of the country needs no description. The rise of private schools has completely destroyed the sector. Private schools are divided into two categories – one for the elites and one for people belonging to the middle class. The latter charges relatively low fee, but its standard of education is quite bad too. It is unfortunate that a majority of teachers hired by these schools are not highly qualified. Since they pay low salaries to teachers, only under qualified teachers – those who studied only till high school – apply to these schools. A large number of teachers lack proper training and certifications.

According to a Unesco report, majority of teachers are ignorant about lesson planning which renders them incapable of handling multiple problems in the process of teaching and learning. Students do not know the use of libraries in education institutions. This decreases the habit of reading among students. It is the responsibility of teachers to encourage the habit of book reading. Teachers rely on lecture methods which do not provide an opportunity to students to participate in the process of education as active members. They only note the information and memorise the points just to pass an examination. Thus, students are evaluated on the basis of memorisation of facts and information rather than their academic performance.

Alina Fatima


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