Aug 112017

Pakistan has been home to the gems like Dr Ruth Pfau and Abdul Sattar Edhi who dedicated their lives for the welfare of the people of Pakistan. Their services for humanity will always remain alive until the end of the time. On Thursday (Aug 10), lepers’ light, Dr Ruth Pfau, left the world. Her death is indeed a great loss for the entire nation. She was the one who never let the flag of humanity fall. She was the one, who served the unwanted, who provided shelter to the abandoned, and who showered love to the one who was betrayed by their own. She was the one who touched those who were believed to be untouchable.

Her work and dedication to humanity is an example for many. Through her actions, she preached that humanity is above everything else. Let us vow to follow the legacy of these angels of Mercy. Dr Ruth Pfau, thank you for being an angel for the people in need. Dr Ruth Pfau, may you rest in peace.

Sarang Kolachi (Mirpur Mathelo)

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