Jul 032017

The destruction caused by the recent rain in Karachi displays the dismal picture of the infrastructure of the country’s financial hub. The civil bureaucracy and elected local and provincial governments who have held office for the last two decades are responsible for the miseries suffered by residents. The city charges citizens for the supply of water, although water seldom flows through pipes and taps. The only constant thing in the city is the power of the water tank mafia that continues to mint billions of rupees from citizens. The Sindh government does not show any sense of responsibility. Bridges collapse within months of completion and roads cave in the moment it rains. Dumps of garbage have made Karachi ideal place for breeding mosquitoes, leading to the spread of deadly diseases. But, nobody seems to be bothered.

On the other hand, the Punjab government has maintained the standard and quality of roads and bridges. Proper sewerage system is built so that, after heavy rain, roads are not waterlogged. Karachi, over the years, has gone from bad to worse. Billions of rupees allocated for the development of the city have disappeared in thin air. This is what happens when there is no accountability.

Ali Malik


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