Jan 012018

Almost every country depends on the skills of its university students. Educated youth contributes a lot towards progress and development of a country. However the education sector of the country is in decline and there seems no hope to lead the sector out of the dark tunnel into the light. Poor performance of students who have recently graduated in competitive tests like the CSS shows the dismal quality of our education. Although there are a lot of reasons for the poor quality of education, one which needs more attention is lack of reading habits among students. Almost every student detests spending time in library and reading books other than textbooks.

In developed countries, children are motivated to visit a library and spend their leisure time in reading different books. Our education system generates students who waste their energies on rote learning. But we need students who can think and can take part in intelligent debates. Universities have the responsibility of producing talented students who have required skills to enter the practical world. Our students have talent which must be polished so that they can deal with world challenges in an efficient manner.

M Saleem Ansari


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