Aug 222017

This refers to the article ‘Accountability and the sins of omissions’ (Aug 12) by Shakil Durrani. The writer has correctly highlighted the importance of omission, which is itself an anathema. Whenever assessing the efficacy of law-enforcement agencies, their compliance to the apothegm ‘prevention is better than cure’ bears significance. Any legislation, to facilitate peace and security, must prioritise preventing crimes than to emphasise penalisation.

In addition to cope the malignancy of material corruption, there is also a need to nourish the inner conscience – the mind’s remote control. We, as a society, are in a dilemma and lack the direction to route our energies. Still, unresolved squabbles of past continue to influence our decisions. Once the inner conscience is brave enough, the role of outward agencies will be trivial. The answer lies in quality education, which reflects the national needs and is not imported.

Fahimullah (Islamabad)

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