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KARACHI: Pakistan’s first superhero film Project Ghazi had its premiere on July 13. The Humayun Saeed, Syra Shahroz and Sheheryar Munawar starrer appeared to be harshly received from the audience as it suffered from several technical issues, particularly the sound.

Sources confirmed to The Express Tribune that the film will not be releasing on July 14, as previously planned. Producers were not willing to delay the release but it was upon Saeed’s insistence that the release was called off.

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Producer Syed Ali Raza confirmed, saying, “We cannot say much right now but yes, Project Ghazi release will not release on July 14 as planned. There are some technical issues to be fixed. We cannot state the future release date at the moment but we will announce very soon.”

Official distributors of the film, Distribution Club are planning to comply by the producers’ decision.

“As distributors, we had to preview the film but we, unfortunately, couldn’t. As far as the release is concerned, the producers have the final call. They have commented that it won’t release as planned so I’m pretty sure it won’t, ” Sabina Islam of Distribution Club told The Express Tribune.

The decision was not welcomed by the cinema owners as they are concerned about their scheduled shows and the tickets that have already been sold.


NOTE: The Express Tribune will review the final cut that will be released in cinemas

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