Aug 292017

The violation of the rights of prisoners exists in all parts of the world. But in Pakistan, prisoners are kept in worst conditions possible. The situation of prisoners in Malakand division is the worst. There are two jails in the division: Timergara jail and Dagar jail. The former has the capacity of 600 to 650 prisoners. But approximately 2,000 to 2,500 prisoners are kept in the jail. The same is the situation of Dagar jail. This is because of gross mismanagement and lack of jails in Malakand division. A few years ago, Swat jail was completely destroyed in an earthquake. As a result, all the prisoners from the jail were brought to these two jails.

When these prisoners are transported from one place to another, they are carried in a van that has the capacity of only 24 people. However, around 100 people are stuffed in these vans. This is the violation of human rights. No matter what crime prisoners have done in their past, it is our responsibility to treat prisoners in a just manner. It is hoped that the relevant authorities will take notice of the matter at the earliest.

Kalim Shahab (Village Chamanlalai)

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