Jan 092018

This is to draw the attention of the Ministry of Industry and Production to a serious issue being faced by the Pakistani people. Foreign car companies are exploiting innocent people who have made full and final settlement for their pre-orders. These people have paid for their vehicles at least six to nine months before the date of delivery. Ideally, those who have paid in advance shouldn’t be affected by an increase in price of the vehicle. However, several car companies ask these people to pay additional amount which is the difference between the price of the vehicle at the time of booking and the market price of the vehicle at the time of delivery.

It is gross injustice that after receiving full payments months before the announcement of an increase in price, these car companies are adding more financial burden on their customers and extorting between Rs50,000 and Rs100,000 from them. The government must interfere in the matter and protect the rights of citizens.

Aman Memon


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