Jun 062017

Across the country, the government has inaugurated many power projects. It is believed that in a matter of few years, the electricity crisis will be resolved. According to some media reports, in 2015, the electricity production was increased by 3.18 percent. The government is also considering setting up solar power plants to generate an adequate amount of electricity. This all looks good on paper. However, the bleak reality is that the people of Pakistan are facing the worst power crisis.

Intermittent loadshedding has disrupted the lives of people. Although the authorities vowed that there would be no power disruptions during Sehri and Iftar, the reality is just the opposite. In fact, the people of Karachi welcomed the month of Ramazan along with electricity breakdown. The whole city was drowned in darkness while residents took their predawn meal. The hot weather and power outages have made the lives of the people miserable.

Areeba Hamid


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