May 222017

What a novel way to answer the questions about loadshedding. The authorities say that loadshedding occurs for higher number of hours in the areas where ‘line losses’ and ‘thefts’are greater. For a common person suffering from; amongst other dilemmas; the quandary of loadshedding in this scorching heat, the statement of the relevant authorities seems to be a feeble effort to cover their negligence.

It is the responsibility of the government to pinpoint the thefts and causes of ‘line losses’, instead of penalising the entire area. Similarly, if ‘line losses’ are on account of electric wires being old and rotten, the government should take immediate steps to lessen the same; instead of taking punitive actions against all consumers. One can only hope that the government shall take precise measures to eradicate this suffering at the earliest.

Raja ShafaatUllah



The country has around 40 independent power producers (IPPs) that contribute to the country’s power generation. On paper, this number seems sufficient to produce enough electricity for the country – enough to pull the country out of the menace of unabated loadshedding. However, the current loadshedding situation highlights just the opposite. This time, Ramazan will be observed in one of the hottest months. People are worried that persistent loadshedding will affect their daily activities.

Although the authorities have assured that during Sehr and Iftar there will be no power outage, the past experience tells that these promises will not be kept. It is still being hoped that the authorities will do something to provide the much-needed relief to the people.

Areeba Hamid


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