Dec 082017

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has rightly suggested that it is time we widened the scope of the madressah education in our country. In fact, madressahs across the country should have the same syllabus as the one implemented in other private and public schools so as to ensure that the students who complete their education at a madressah can easily compete in the practical world and play a productive role in society.

All previous governments have not addressed this issue in an efficient manner. Taking a cue from the army chief’s assertion, the government should take effective measures to create a tolerant and democratic society.

Dr Najeeb A Khan



While addressing the seminar ‘titled Human resource development for the youth of Balochistan, the COAS talked about the role of the army in a country, the importance of democracy and the scope of religious seminaries. It was heartening to note that the army chief talked about the current and major issues of the country. We hope that democracy is given a chance to flourish. The COAS mentioned the mistakes committed over the last 70 year and asserted that there is no more room for similar mistakes when people have the “power to vote”.

He raised a valid point with regard to education that is being offered at madressahs where modern education is mostly ignored. A large number of people still send their children to religious seminaries owing to financial constraints. They do not have enough money to send their children to private schools. Between low-quality government schools and madressahs, they often end up choose the latter. But we shouldn’t ignore the fact that some of the seminaries are the breeding grounds of sectarian ideologies and indoctrination, including terrorism. Prioritising economic development and quality education will bring peace, prosperity and progress to the country. Good governance will also minimise corruption as well.

Professor Sher Mohammad Khan


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