May 122017

The result of the most recent CSS examination has raised concerns. Out of 9,643 students appeared in the written examination, only 202 managed to pass the exams. This displays the unfortunate picture of the standard of education in the country. Several times, experts have raised the concern that the country’s education sector is in decline, but nothing has been done to date to improve the strained education system. The CSS examination is said to be one of the toughest examinations of the country. According to results declared by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) on Wednesday (May 10), only 2.06pc students could secure minimum passing marks. The poor result is a matter of concern. There is a dire need to bring improvements in the higher education sector of the country. With each passing year, the percentage of successful candidates is dropping. The mushroom growth of higher learning institutions, particularly in the private sector, is one of the major reasons behind the declining results.

The results of the CSS exams have been facing decline for several years, as 3.33 percent students cleared the exam in 2014 and only 3.11 percent in 2015. The percentage of candidates qualifying the written test has come down from 9.75 percent in 2011 to 2.09 percent in 2016. The FPSC should try to find out whether the problem is with the exam method, paper pattern or there are other reasons, for example the candidates might have been disturbed by group combinations for selection of subjects that were changed by the FPSC. A thorough assessment should be conducted to get to the bottom of the problem. There is a gap between assessment of students and the subjects they are being taught in universities. To improve the quality of education, the HEC should conduct an audit of universities and find out where these institutions lack. The matter should be consulted with the HEC, education experts and people from academia to find out reasons for the increasingly disappointing results.

Dr Zeeshan Khan



The CSS 2016 results shocked many. Only 2.09 percent students secured minimum passing marks. The final result shows that after viva voce 199 candidates, including 114 men and 85 women, qualified. The result is a matter of concern. The higher authorities should find out why students performed so poorly.

Improving the country’s education sector should be the top most priority of the government. It has been observed that many students show little to no interest in their studies. When these students appear in the CSS exams, they fail to perform well. Second, lack of critical thinking is also one of the reasons of the poor result. The culture of rote learning is widespread in the country. This tampers with a student’s learning. This shows that it reforms are inevitable in the education sector. Education institutions should provide quality education to students and play role to improve students’ communication skills.

Wali Ejaz Nekokara


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