Jul 102017

State-run schools in KP have shown a poor and dismal performance in the recently announced SSC results. The social and political circles have termed it a big jolt to the PTI-led government that vowed to bring change and improvement to the region. The main reason for this poor performance is widespread incidents of cheating. A growing number of students are cheating in exams. In fact, invigilators are also found helping these students. Sometimes, hardworking students obtain less marks than the students who cheat in an examination.

The KP government must look into the matter at the earliest. Students are also advised to avoid cheating in examinations. They should study hard throughout the year. Only through determination and hard work, these students can secure good marks. The education department must take steps to increase the number of invigilators in an examination hall. Heavy financial penalty should be imposed on students who are caught using unfair means during exams.

Shaukat Hayat Buneri


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