Jul 172017

Littering is one of the worst habits that are rampant in our society. Everywhere we look we can see piles of garbage scattered on streets. From parks to picnic spots, every place is littered. Foul smell coming out of the unattended garbage pollutes the environment, leading to only a small number of people visiting parks and other such places. Our actions have an equal and opposite reaction. Our action of littering our cities results in the polluted environment, leading to the spread of all kinds of deadly diseases. Many people believed that it is only the responsibly of the government to clean the city. This wrong assumption is the root cause of the garbage crisis.

If the individuals take responsibility and dump their garbage into the bins, it will not only keep the environment clean, but it will also create a sense of responsibility among individuals. All citizens must become a responsible member of society and contribute to make the environment clean and healthy.

Hadia Aziz (Islamabad)

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