Dec 202017

The authorities need to pay attention to a pressing concern that has inconvenienced the residents of Gulistan-e-Jauhar. A few years ago, a law was passed that banned illegal construction. As a consequence, a series of orders were passed to demolish sites with illegal constructions. An institute was constructed in Block 14 Gulistan-e-Johar, which is essentially a residential area. Following the implementation of this law, the authorities demolished the institute. With time, the plot was allotted for the construction of a public park.

However, the debris from the building has not been removed from the site. It has become quite difficult for residents to travel on the roads near this site as the air is filled with dust. This has affected the health of a large number of locals. It is the responsibility of the Karachi Development Authority to take prompt action regarding the issue. Furthermore, suitable steps should be taken to start construction work on the park. This will serve the double-edged purpose of reducing the dust quantity in the locality and ensuring long-term benefits for its residents.

Maham Zaidi


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