Jun 082017

ISLAMABAD: A man, alleged to be a PML-N worker, who confronted Sheikh Rashid Ahmed outside the Parliament House and demanded that he pay him Rs2.2 million for an 18-year-old transaction was arrested by police on Thursday.

Malik Noor Awan, who claimed the Awami Muslim League (AML) president owed him the money from a car deal in 1998, was booked for intimidation. Awan had claimed to be the president of PML-N’s Japan chapter.

Awan engaged in an argument with Rashid as soon as he came out of the National Assembly and demanded payment of the amount. A number of people including journalists gathered at the scene and recorded the incident on their mobile phones and cameras.

Sheikh Rashid claims driver, security guard arrested in Rawalpindi ahead of rally

As the confrontation intensified, Rashid was helped by a man at the scene to walk back inside the Parliament grounds as Awan continued his demands.

According to the PML-N worker, he had been demanding the AML chief to return his money through various sources and even filed a police case, but to no avail. Awan went on to add that he had even received threats from Rashid for demanding his money.

Subsequently, Rashid approached the Secretariat police, to book a case regarding the “attack on him outside Parliament,” which was followed by Awan’s arrest.

Later, the AML chief took to Twitter to comment on the incident. In the tweet, he referred to Parliament House as being insecure.

Here’s the video of the incident:

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