May 142017

Who are the forgotten heroes of the country? These are the senior citizens and retired employees. These people work hard and contribute a lot to the country’s economy, but once they retire they live on meager pensions. When old age comes, it brings health and financial problems get as well. The shrinking bank account adds more to the plight of these people. These people cannot meet their monthly expenses or pay for their medical treatment with this amount. The prices of medicines are skyrocketing across the country. The amount of the so-called medical allowance included in pension is insufficient. Because of low income, they have to visit government hospitals for any kind of treatment. The medical facilities offered in these hospitals are unsatisfactory. The elderly people have to stand in long in queues and wait for hour to have their turn to get a doctor’s appointment. Knee or joint pain is common among the elderly people, but sadly these people do not have medical equipment that can assist them to walk. Last year the government announced 25 percent increase in the pension of those retired employees who are 85 years old or above. However, in a country where the average life expectancy of a person is 65-70 years, the age requirement set by the government is irrational.

The government is going to announce the annual budget in the next two weeks. It is hoped that pensioners concerns will be addressed. It is the duty of the government to address the grievances of these unsung and forgotten heroes who started working for the betterment of the country at a young age. It is unfortunate that their plight is being ignored. The prime minister should address the problems of pensioners.

Ali Asghar Awan


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