May 222017

The plight of labourers in Pakistan is being ignored. Recently, 10 Sindhi labourers were killed in Balochistan. It is quite common in our country that labourers who hail from various cities, towns and villages and who work for various private contractors on the different gigantic developmental schemes and projects are ruthlessly killed. The dead bodies of the murdered labourers were loaded in a tractor trolley, brought back from Balochistan and handed over to the grief–stricken relatives for the burial.

No financial assistance was given to the families. It seems that monetary compensation is for those who already have strong bank accounts. On the other hand, these wage earners, the labourers who toil and moil under the scorching heat of the sun for the growth and development of the country live in poverty and die in poverty. In case of death by accident, not a sufficient amount is paid to their families. Can we dream of a day when the country will get rid of injustice?

Hashim Abro 


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