Aug 122017

This is to inform the local authorities that residents of Haripur have been facing a serious problem of the high prices of petrol. The government-approved price for a litre of petrol is fixed at Rs69.5, but almost all petrol pumps across Haripur are selling a litre of petrol for Rs71.10. When customers asked about the difference between the two prices, the majority of pump owners and workers use derogatory language and fight with customers for no reason.

The PTI-led Khyber Pakhtunkwa government has failed to tackle the mafia that run their business operations only to exploit people. This price hike is not limited to petroleum products. Almost all basic commodities are being sold at high prices. The provincial government must take immediate action to deal with the issue and adopt some viable means to discourage these profiteers. All businesses should be strictly ordered to sell basic commodities at government-approved prices.

Nasir Uddin Bangash


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