Oct 162017

During service in PIA, credit card schemes and personal bank loans were made so easy that paying back in time in instalments was no problem and all went well. Many employees applied for credit card and personal loans and faced no trouble while repaying the loan. However, at a time when the airline was dealing with financial crisis, a financial decision was taken, resulting in the reduction of salaries and perks. Now, it is not possible to pay back to banks all instalments in time. This forced banks to involve recovery and collection departments and send representatives at home to let all neighbours know that a low-paid PIA employee failed to pay installments.

For retired employees, the meagre amount of pension further affected payment. During the last seven years, the pension has been increased only once – from Rs6,070 to Rs7,587. It seems that the concerned authorities are not interested in alleviating the sufferings of PIA pensioners.  Because of low income, pensioners face many problems. Will somebody take notice of this problem?

M Shakeel Khalid (Karachi)

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