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Be it patriotic anthems or classical masterpieces, Bollywood has always unabashedly copied lyrical creations from Pakistani music. In fact, it has made hefty profits from it time and time again without any credit given whatsoever.

This has inspired local music streaming website Patari to compile a list of  songs which were plagiarised by the music industry across the border. Ever heard the Indian version of Dil Dil Pakistan? It is a song called Dil Dil Hindustan that featured in the film Yadon Ke Mausam, right after Junaid Jamshed’s patriotic number topped the charts in Pakistan all those years ago.

Pop-stars like Abrarul Haq haven’t been spared either. A 90’s favourite Bheega Bheega Sa Yeh December Hai was ripped-off for a crime drama movie called Chocolate and became quite the hit.

Bollywood has given yet another spin to NFAK’s ‘Rashke Qamar’

Lyrics piracy is fine but what is unforgivable though is renditions of classics of the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. While the video shows the song from which the lyrics of Tu Cheez Bari Bari Hai Mast Mast were inspired, recent covers of the beloved Rashke Qamar made across the border have really infuriated fans and enthusiasts.

Watch the video here:


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