Mar 242017

Pakistanis are known for their patriotism. On Thursday, Pakistan Day was celebrated across the country with zeal and enthusiasm. The day was filled with a large number of activities, including a boat rally, an air show and a magnificent parade to commemorate the Lahore Resolution. The nation was delighted to see the participation of Turkish and Chinese troops in the national event. The media termed the participation as a sign of ‘deepening ties’.

Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman led the fly past which was enjoyed by many. The celebration was a powerful message to the nation that the country’s forces are ready to protect the homeland. Live long Pakistan.

Aiman Naseer



It was heartening to watch the Pakistan Day celebrations on Thursday. The nation enjoyed the parade and other related functions. The good thing to note was the Pakistani flag which showed unity. No political party flag was visible.

The country appeared as one undiluted entity. This shows that there is hope for the future.

Ayaz Ahmed


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