Oct 132017

Despite court orders to arrest the people involved in charging illegal parking fee, the practice is gaining momentum. The KMC has issued a list of around fifty authorised spots where legal parking fee is being charged. However, men disguised as KMC staff are seen looting public at tens of unlisted places like Atrium Mall, the KDA Market, Time Medicos, etc. They have fake receipts and identity cards and a majority of the people fall prey to them. The common man residing in Karachi is already living under too many unnecessary financial burden and this curse is just adding more to his problems. Daily expenditure of at least a hundred rupees can be acceptable, if the money is used for maintenance purposes. But, wasting bills for illegal fee is totally hideous.

The fact that these people are carrying out this practice without any fear hints at the fact that this mafia has a strong backing. The concerned authorities and the court must ensure that all the culprits involved in this business of millions and billions are arrested and put behind bars for making fool out of innocent people.

Faizan Shahzad (Karachi)

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