May 312013

A family is one of the most important parts of our life. Whether it is a matter of sharing our happiness or sorrow, our family always acts like a backbone for us. In various problems, our life partner, parents, siblings and other family members are always there to help and guide us in a better way.

Since a decade or so, our Pakistan television industry has been revolutionized in a positive manner. These days, our women like to watch national TV channels instead of Star Plus and Sony. It seems that watching the star plus shows for three to five years have made our ladies bored and tired. So, in search of some refreshing entertainment, they have ultimately moved to local TV channels.

We have become the fan of many national TV channels’ actors and actresses because of their tremendous and outstanding performance. The faces we see on TV, who are likely to entertain us in one way or the other — also have their own home sweet home. Some of the memorable and unforgettable pictures, I have selected here for you so that you can realize how much love these TV personalities have for their family members and the same love is reflected in their characters.

Faysal Qureshi and his sweet, lovely mother

Faysal Qureshi with mother

Mani and Hira seem to be in a fresh mood

Mani and Hira

Imran with his beautiful wife and sweet little boy

Imran with Wife

Mikaal with his lovely daughter

Mikaal with daughter

Mikaal with Lovely daughter

Mikaal with his cute Wife

Mikaal with Wife

Momal with her charming husband

Momal with husband

Mehwish with her dashing mom

Mehwish with mom

Fawad with his lovely family 

Family of Fawad

Fawad with his wife

Fawad with wife

Najia Ashar and her kids

Kids of Najia Ashar

Aysha with her baby

Aysha with Baby

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