Apr 272013

Pakistani Asylum Seeker

So, how can a Pakistani asylum seeker play in the Ashes? Can it be really true? Well, in the case of Fawad Ahmed who is a Pakistani asylum-seeker, it might be very well the case. He has been singed by Victoria in the Australian state side. Fawad Ahmed, the Pakistani asylum seeker has been signed for three seasons as a state player in the state of Victoria.

According to Cricket Victoria, who is in the controversy to play in England for Australia in the month of July in the Ashes series if he has been granted the citizenship on time. According to Victorian cricket coach Greg Shipperd,

“Fawad Ahmed was the success story from last year and we’re extremely happy to have signed him for the next three seasons.”

However, he has to have a valid Australian passport and be a fast-tracked citizenship to play in the Ashes. If not, he can only play during the 5th test, which will be held at the Oval. He has taken sixteen wickets at 28.37 in Sheffield Shield games, which made everyone take note of him. The chairman of the Australian selectors John Inverarity has said that, “Fawad Ahmed is a mature and very good leg-spinner.”

Players who originate from other countries, but who are settled in another country are known to be excellent players. There have been many players who are representing other countries. You have Kevin Petersen, who is actually a South African, but plays for England. He was an excellent found in England.

There are other international players who are playing in countries like South Africa, who is a Pakistani, Imran Tahir. Imran Tahir who is a leg spinner has been a success in South Africa, who lacks a quality spin bowler. Though they have excellent pace bowlers, they don’t seem to have a quality spin bowler.

Imran Tahir filled that gap. Similarly, there is already a Pakistani player in the Australian side, Usman Khawaja. Usman Khawaja is a Pakistani born player who is settled in Australia. He is under central contract and has already represented their side in international matches too. This absolutely fantastic to have a Pakistani asylum-seeker in their side.

Pakistanis are known to be very aggressive in their way of playing. They are extremely passionate about their game and can go to any extends to ensure that they win their game.

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