May 272017

Malala came into the limelight when MNA Mussarat Ahmed Zeb claimed that the attack on Malala was scripted with the collaboration of a BBC representative. On the contrary, the doctor who treated Malala’s wounds had earlier shared that the then 15-year-old girl suffered from serious injuries when the bullet hit her face. He further said that her operation lasted four hours. It is saddening that our society never owns its national heroes. Instead of getting the respect they deserve, they are slandered and accused of being enemies of the country. Whether it is Malala or Dr Abdus Salam, they are disowned because of their ideas and beliefs. There is certainly no place for such dissent no matter how talented and learned they may be.

It is unfortunate that while the world is recognising our heroes, we are making a mockery of ourselves by behaving immaturely. Besides, such mindset begets more intolerance. Operation Raddul Fasaad is in swing and it in fact demands new narrative that is important for eliminating terrorism. So respecting and owning national heroes will be the first step in the right direction.

Kashif Hakro


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