May 042017

The federal government has decided to replace outdated radars and other related equipment with modern machines for accurate forecasts especially during monsoon. The decision was taken after the 2010 floods. According to some media reports, the Punjab government also offered to pay Rs750 million for the completion of this project. It wanted the installation of modern machines to be completed at the earliest. However, the process of replacing outdated radars with new ones is taking place at a slow pace. The Met department has clarified that although the installation of modern machinery is its top priority, the whole process is sensitive and requires time.

Floods cause large-scale destruction. It is commendable that the government has decided to replace the obsolete machinery used in the country’s Met department. Accurate forecasts and predictions will help the government take safety measures. It is hoped that the project is completed on time.

Baba Faiz

Bal Nigwar

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